Why Recognition Programs Work

May 31, 2019
Williams Recognition Programs

In most companies, employees don’t always feel they get the recognition they deserve. Recognition programs are often one of the main steps an employer can take to show gratitude and motivate employees to keep up the excellent work. Employees often love their job but don’t feel appreciated enough, which is why they leave and try to find another workplace where they’ll feel more appreciated for hard work and equal contributions in achieving a particular company’s goals.


Providing monthly rewards for the hardest-working and extremely dedicated employees should be a regular practice in all companies, even if the award is not monetary. However, specify what exactly got that employee the recognition so others can set their goals for next month’s reward. Healthy competition among staff will benefit all the people included in the equation of your company’s success.

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This is a solution that will definitely motivate your employees to give their best. Monetary bonuses, as well as points programs, are always a good way to show that you value an employee’s work.

If you want to cut down your expenses and monetary bonuses aren’t something you can afford, don’t make the bonus amount miserable just for the sake of having it. Instead, there’s always the option of forming a giveaway habit. Create branded products such as clothes, mugs, or pens and offer that as a token of appreciation.

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Express Interest in your Staff’s Personal Development

Organize seminars, webinars, or even simple training sessions for your employees and teach them something they’ll find useful. This way, you’re both helping them build their career and investing in your company.


When it comes to boosting motivation, sales incentives have been proven trick. Many companies use sales incentives to boost sales and increase revenue. When you have personalized programs such as this one, there is not better way to get your employees working hard.

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How can your workplace benefit from recognition programs?

First and foremost, high-quality employees will choose to stick around when they feel appreciated and might even neglect financially-tempting offers from other companies because of their status in yours. A satisfied employee is a productive one! It is proven that happiness increases the productivity of employees by 10-12%, which is something you mustn’t forget. Joy is contagious, and satisfied employees will often transfer their positive energy to the customers. After all, having cheerful and lively employees means you’ve done a great job as a manager!

Engage and Motivate Your Employees

Engaging and motivating your employees can bring you a long way. Sometimes, monetary compensation isn’t even necessary as much as making your staff feel appreciated and worthy. Reward your employees with attention and they will increase your company’s profit! If you need more ideas from pros, make sure to contact us today to find the right program from you.


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