Why promoting workplace safety matters

April 17, 2012
Why promoting workplace safety matters

Whether you work in a warehouse or at a desk, a safe work environment is crucial. Every employee has the right to work where his or her health and safety isn’t jeopardized unnecessarily. When it comes to promoting physical and mental health in the workplace, make sure that all members of your staff know the rules and are motivated to follow them. A culture of safety minimizes preventable accidents and injuries, and it’s just good business sense.

The values that create a workspace that’s safe include commitment, regular assessment and reflection, communication, planning, and continuous improvement. Without a doubt, these are the characteristics that are going to affect your bottom line. As well, safe employees are engaged employees. In other words, they’re passionate, healthy, loyal and connected to their work, meaning less absenteeism, reduced stress and fewer illnesses and injuries.

Employees, otherwise known as human resources, are an organization’s most valuable asset. Workplace safety is about respecting and protecting that capital—human lives!

One effective way to promote safety culture is motivating through workplace safety awards. Not only do certificates of achievement, prizes and awards help maintain standards, and they help to keep safety at top of mind.

Here are examples of achievements worth an award:

  • Managing a team that goes 30 days without an accident in the workplace
  • Spotting a safety hazard and putting a stop to it before it becomes an injury
  • Remarkable kindness and sympathy. (Mental health is just as important as physical health.)
  • Regularly reminding team members wear protective gear, and setting an example.

Ultimately, you’ll know what’s most appropriate to your workplace and your employees. Contact William’s Recognition today and we’ll create a custom safety recognition program to reward your company’s remarkable safety records.


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