Why people quit their jobs: An explainer on why great staff members leave

February 10, 2020
Why people quit their jobs: An explainer on why great staff members leave

Employee retention is likely one of your top concerns as an HR professional or manager. At the same time, you’re probably finding that there’s always another task that needs to get done before it. Don’t let this continue to happen. Before you know it, your best talent will leave.

Attracted by the novelty of your company’s perks and work culture, innovative individuals may quickly sign on, but after the probation period, what are you doing to keep them engaged and inspired? If you don’t know the answer, you might be committing one of the top employee-retention no-no’s

Here are some other common reasons reported by people who have recently left their jobs:

  • They lack direction: If you’re not leading your team to bring something to the world, and if you don’t tell them what it should look and sound like, they have no vision to achieve. This will inspire boredom, the real harbinger of a soon-to-come letter of resignation.
  • They are bored: It was recently reported that chronic boredom is the new workplace stress. According to University of Central Lancashire psychology professor Sandi Mann, more and more workers feel they’re not contributing to the places they work. Experiencing this 8 hours a day will drive a person to act out, and ultimately, quit.
  • They’re stressed: On the other hand, tough economic times have driven many companies to downsize. Many employees are doing two jobs for the price of one. These unsustainable expectations will drive away your most capable staff members.
  • They miss their friends: Great talent can act like lemmings. They’re inspired by working around other creative, motivated people, and don’t like to know they’re on a sinking ship. When you lose a great leader or inspiring employee, be prepared for many to follow.

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