What to get the team that does everything: Gift-giving for your staff

November 22, 2012
What to get the team that does everything: Gift-giving for your staff

With Christmas and Hanukkah just weeks away, your company is likely planning a party to celebrate the season. These festivities are a classic way to show appreciation for your clients and your staff. Due to a struggling economy, some companies are scaling back, and some are not having a party at all. It simply may not be feasible to throw a lavish affair, but be sure not to lose sight of the true value of a holiday party: showing appreciation for your employees.

The end of the year is traditionally a big push, and a stressful season for many industries. It’s likely that your staff will be burnt out.By mid-December, everyone could use a reminder why they come to work at your company or organization. A well thought-out holiday party with a heart-felt speech is one option. Some small business opt for a lunch or a potluck with partners and families. You could also go with gifts from the company, selected for each employee.

Choosing holiday gifts for employees is a not a simple task, but Williams Recognition has many awards options for all budgets, from $40 to $1,600. As we’ve noted before, creativity has a huge return on investment; keep away from the chequebook and cash awards (but maybe not a holiday bonus). With gifts, HR will need to consider different positions, seniority and unique personalities: While an iPad will be mostly universally appreciated, a muffin basket might not be the most thoughtful gift for the office health nut.

The holidays are all about spending time with the ones you care about the most. If you’re a great company, that special group will include your workers. Of course, as management, your present will come in the new year: a refreshed, motivated and high-performing team!


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