Want hard working employees? Make sure they’re happy.

January 31, 2017
want hard working employees

There is a growing dissatisfaction among employees that should worry companies. Not only do disengaged employees show a lack of loyalty, they are also associated with a decreased level of performance. The key to building and maintaining a talented workforce that constantly strives to meet or exceed goals is to keep them engaged. 

Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work. This means they will put more time and energy into what they are doing, which in turn will boost company performance. Employees who are engaged also have an increased level of confidence about their ability to make a difference within an organization. A past study done by New Century Financial Corporation found that disengaged employees produced 28% less revenue than their engaged counterparts. 

There are many ways to engage employees and it is important that you take time to implement a plan, such as an employee recognition program, that achieves this goal. Their engagement will foster a sense of loyalty amongst your top employees, which is key for optimal company performance. 

To implement recognition programs, it should place value on the employees and the work they do.  Williams Recognition is an organization that aids companies looking to boost employee engagement through recognition programs. The firm offers programs that are “designed to recognize your employees, encourage team building, promote positive behaviours and achieve improved performance.”

When formulating a plan to increase engagement, keep these factors in mind:

Maintain a Connection 

  • It is important for employees to feel connected with company leadership. The level to which someone is engaged can be tied directly to how they feel about their boss. If there is a poor relationship there, that employee is more likely to be disengaged. 

Ensure High Ethical Standards

  • People who are engaged are proud of their company and their work.  This is only possible if the company holds itself accountable in ensuring that high ethical standards are met. If the company is a place people would be proud to work for, it will help increase the level of engagement. 

Relinquish Some Control

  • Whenever possible, employees should feel included in decisions. This will build trust between employees and management as well as empower workers to take more responsibility for their ideas or contributions. Creating opportunities for employees to collaborate with one another, either in a group, department or company-wide initiative will help to increase engagement as well. 

Provide for Career Advancement

  • Companies must ensure that their employees are given opportunities for advancement when appropriate. If someone feels stagnant in their current role, they are unlikely to engage. However, if someone sees the potential for growth, they are more likely to work harder and put forth more effort.

While it can take time to plan and implement such a program, you can be confident that your employees will appreciate it. The happier they are, the harder they will work for you.

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