Traits of a Great Employer

July 23, 2013
Traits of a Great Employer
The labour force each year is inundated with thousands of newly graduated young people and one of the decisions that they need to undertake is their initial choice of a potential employer. A successful career starts with a good employer and there are a few major indicators to look for when choosing which employers approach. You can’t effectively judge a company until after you have been employed there for awhile, but you can be watching out for a few of the more obvious signs.

Some of the key signs of a good employer:

  • Offers profit participation and/or stock to employees
  • Helps employees in feeling proud of the company’s services or products by emphasizing quality
  • Encourages open communication and keeps employees informed
  • Encourages employee feedback at all times
  • Treats employees like family
  • Encourages promotions from within rather than bringing top executives in from outside
  • Discourages rank distinctions between entry level employees and top level upper management
Worldwide studies have shown that neither pay nor benefits are the major consideration when pegging an employer as being exceptionally good, but rather what is known as employee engagement. And just what is employee engagement?

Employees who participated in the studies said that they had some key requirements when it came to the subject and described them as:

  • The recognition that they receive from their employer
  • The opportunities for a career that the employer offers
  • The sharing of company values and brand alignment
  • Management of performance
  • A good work life balance

More and more global studies are now showing that there are certain specific characteristics exhibited by the very best worldwide employers and some of those features are as follows:

  • Well-supported HR programs that include exceptional HR implementation
  • Leadership teams that are not only motivated, but also seriously focused
  • Management that encourages and embraces a high performance culture
  • Opportunities for employee talent development
  • Recognition of employee achievements
  • Encouragement of employee accountability
  • Performance management programmes :  Opportunities for ownership, employee recognition programs
Potential employers who provide a majority of the above opportunities to their employees are more likely to be greatly appreciated by their workforce than employers who don’t possess many of those desirable qualities.
One of the best motivators that good employers use on a regular basis for getting and keeping loyal employees are employee service awards— that are regularly given to employees who exhibit true talents and deliver an exemplary performance.
A recognition award for doing an excellent job can turn average employee performance stats into truly commendable numbers. Employee recognition programs are a smart employer’s best friend when it comes to bringing out the best in their employees.
If you’d like to find out how to implement a great employee reward program, call us at William’s Recognition today, we can offer you great service, experience and truly valued employee recognition rewards.
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