Top Emergency Service Personnel Recognition Ideas

September 19, 2014
Emergency Service Personnel Recognition
Emergency response personnel are in so many levels a bridge between a life saved or one lost. These individuals are charged with such a noble duty that deserves to be applauded and recognized day in and day out. Apart from compensation for their selflessness and dedication, symbolic recognition is well deserved, if not earned and will go a long way in boosting their morale! Here are top ideas to incorporate in your next emergency service personnel recognition ceremony.

Forget generics; keep it personal

When it comes to employee recognition, do not go with the masses and adopt the generic idea that seems to be everyone's go-to norms. Personification of any achievement award(s) clearly shows that a lot of thought was put into planning it and that gives it an even deeper meaning. Whether it's a service award recognition, an anniversary or even a retirement and exit gift, giving it a personal touch signifies that your employees are part of your business family, now and always.

Don't shy away from jewelry

Jewelry makes for great recognition gifts are easy to customize while at the same time giving the recipient a subtle identity among their peers and a continued on and off the job service appreciation. Distinctive rings and pendants are quite popular corporate jewelry gifts and also easy on your employee recognition budget. Jewelry has been used and continues to be used in a wider realm of recognition, far beyond the corporate world and has an almost universal appeal. Jewelry is not only personable for professional achievements but can also be a great gift to appreciate personal sacrifices and the selflessness of most individuals working in the emergency service field.

Make it meaningful

Employee recognition should be an initiative that every employer should consider in their effort to retain quality employees as well as to boost morale and in return promote their business or organization. Developing employee recognition programs and awards that double up as gifts and memorable keepsakes is key to killing two birds with one stone; show appreciation and at the same time motivate your employees to perform at their highest potential. Make it memorable and meaningful.

Enlist the professionals

Although you might be looking to save up some dollars, a do it yourself approach to making employee recognition items might badly backfire on you and all your good intentions could go down the drain. A good deed is even better when done right. Enlist the professionals for your next employee recognition project. There are exceptional recognition program providers in Canada who are ready to help you every step of the way. From ideas, to budgeting to the final product; let the Williams Recognition company in conjunction with 911 Unity, work with you to achieve great and rewarding results.
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