Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Job

November 20, 2015
Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Job

Studies show that over 60% of today's labor force will change career paths during the course of their working lives. Training new workers can be both time consuming and expensive, thus reducing employee turnover is vital to any business.

To better understand why so many workers are looking to change employment, let’s consider the top 5 reasons why employees today are quitting their jobs:

1.       A bad relationship with their manager.

If a manager lacks personal communication skills, it is likely to affect those whom he or she supervises. When employees feel disrespected by the person they report to, they may be tempted to find employment elsewhere.

2.       A stagnant job status.

Most people seek to move up in the ranks of the company in which they work and feel that a dead-end job stifles their possibility for growth.

3.       Excessive stress and workload.

One of the most common reasons employees quit their jobs is due to stress. Being expected to fulfill an overwhelming amount of work and meet difficult deadlines wears down an employee rapidly.

4.       A change in job description.

When an employee is interviewed to fill a certain position and once hired they are given a completely different work load, this can make an employee feel frustrated and deceived.

5.       Lack of proper leadership.

If employees feel that there is no real driving force behind the wheel of the company, they will start to doubt the future of the business.

Promote Employee Satisfaction by the Use of a Recognition Program

No doubt, trying to eliminate reasons for employees to quit is a must. However, implementing a recognition program is also a great way for employees to feel appreciated and to determine your resolution to make your company thrive. Not only do these programs greatly benefit and reward hardworking staff, they can also boost your productivity rate!

One way to jump start your employee rewards program is by working with a professional recognition program provider. At Williams Recognition, we have been providing companies value-based recognition programs for many years. Tailored completely to your needs, let us help you increase your company’s morale and increase employee retention by offering employee incentives. Call us today! 

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