Tips for Planning Retirement Award Ceremonies

September 16, 2013
Tips for Planning Retirement Award Ceremonies

Making a Great Memory

The time is coming nearer. Your valued partner, employee, or co-worker is nearing retirement. So what can you do to make this be one of the most memorable times in their life? For certain there are many things you can do. Apart from being supportive, kind hearted and willing to listen as your soon to be retired friend experiences some of the ups and downs associated with retirement; you can do a lot of things that will create a positive lasting memory.

Know Thyself and Thy Friends...

The key to whatever you choose to do for celebrating a retirement is truly knowing the person. Akin to knowing yourself, knowing the retiree will give you the answers to the many questions that arise in the brainstorming and planning period of any retirement event. Elaborate and luxurious retirement events filled with speakers and well wishers may be one person’s cup of tea; while a quiet, semi-private luncheon may be more another’s.

It is a Big Deal!

Make sure that whatever the retiree’s personal preferences are, you don’t let them just fade out. Retirement is a big deal for everyone. Retirement awards are a great way to send them off well, and retirement awards that are personalized are even better. Make a point of choosing a retirement award that they will enjoy or use, as well as value.

Honour Their Wishes

There are many stories out there of pre-retirees getting pretty creative about dodging the whole retirement ordeal. Avoiding teary goodbyes, dashing out on big celebrations or events and avoiding the whole topic in general are pretty common reactions to retirement as well. One worker quietly cashed in her six weeks of accumulated vacation before her set retirement date to skip the whole process!  If the person retiring shares any of these same sentiments, be sure to honour them with keeping things low key.
That being said, there are many options for a retirement award that don’t require a big event or even public recognition. Many people value recognition that is out of the spotlight. Some great ways to recognize and send off a quieter retiree are :
  • Have a small office get together—inner-circle associates and friends
  • Choose a personalized retirement award
  • Get them a cake, flowers and a card
  • Gift certificates, tickets to an event
  • Go out for lunch as a small group
  • Do a group activity together like golfing, hiking etc.
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