Tips for Planning a Productive and Fun Corporate Retreat

August 18, 2014
Tips for Planning a Productive and Fun Corporate Retreat
Planning a corporate retreat that would double up as both businesses oriented and on the fun side, is key to getting your team energized, revitalized and more engaged in productivity while boosting company goals. All work and no play can make even the employee of the month, very, very dull and unproductive! Improve relationships, appreciate your team and build your way to better business.
Here are helpful tips on how to make that happen:

No impromptu please!

Failing to plan is planning to fail. A corporate retreat that is not carefully planned or planned ahead for that matter may result in an epic fail! Do not be surprised at the reaction and cold reception your last minute arrangements for a retreat get. Everyone may feel, and for a good reason, that the retreat is an activity that is being imposed on them rather than being welcomed as an opportunity to unwind, while still advancing company goals. Planning ahead will ensure that you do not merely end up with coerced participation, but maximum employee engagement.

Source ideas from within

Even though ultimately the final decision on where, what and when personnel lies with the corporate management, it pays to get ideas from within your team and colleagues. This will not only help in finding what majority are comfortable with spending their out of office hours doing and where they would rather do it; but it will also boost morale and improve participation, if at least all members feel that they had a little contribution into the planning process. Spare yourself a whole lot of retreat planning agony and do a bit of delegating; you will be glad you did.

Think outside the usual retreat box

You cannot keep doing things the same 'traditional' way and expect anything else but 'traditional' results! Break away from the same old convention center-like retreat ideas. Give your team an environment that does not confine their creative juices but rather allows them to freely engage and open up to mind boggling ideas. Also an assurance that nothing is too outrageous or off limits allows for more daring souls to shine on. While at it, you can enlist a motivational speaker and an avid creative thinker to encourage your team to spread their creative wings. Note that the environment very much influences the mind therefore choose a location that won't put any physical restrains that by large could limit the creative mind.

Variety is the spice for a successful retreat

So you want a retreat for just top management? And you expect to get fresh ideas and perspective? No that top management is devoid of fresh ideas and perspective! The truth is that these particular company employees already have a close working relationship and they have probably shared their ideas thin already. Selecting a diverse group that involves more personnel from different management levels and departments could be the difference between breaking even on big business ideas or just a big boring, not so-fruitful retreat. Engage more minds and get more accomplished.
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