Tips for Employee Gifting this Holiday Season

December 10, 2015
Tips for Employee Gifting this Holiday Season

Employee recognition is very important no matter what type of company you run, however buying gifts for your employees can be tricky. Provide your workers with thoughtful gifts that they will love by using these next tips.

Put it down on paper

Forgetting one person could cause damage in the moral of the work environment. In order to avoid any needless commotion, take your time; make a list of all of your employees so no one gets left out.

Set a realistic budget

We all like to splurge during the holidays, but this can land you in big trouble if you have a lot of employees to shop for. So make sure to set a regulated budget and stick to it.

Opt for gifts that involve thought

Instead of giving cash or gift cards to your employees, why not give them something more personalized? A thoughtful gift will let your workers know that you truly know them as a person.

Avoid gifts that are too personal

Personal gifts like flowers or clothing are great for friends and family members but not for the workplace. Highly personal gifts can send the wrong message.

Give the gift of employee appreciation

When it comes to employee recognition, at Williams Recognition we have what you need to say thank you. If you are looking for personalized gifts to give your employees this year, consider corporate jewelry or an insignia program, tailored to your budget and needs. We offer a wide selection of corporate rings and other work-appropriate jewelry, perfect for everyone on your list. Call us today for more information!

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