The History of Williams Recognition—Over 25 Years of Recognition

January 14, 2015
The History of Williams Recognition—Over 25 Years of Recognition

Our Niche is Your Success

Specializing in implementing and administering tailored and valued employee recognition programs and awards, Williams Recognition can create the perfect program for your business. Implementing custom tailored programs and awards unique to your business and your employees allows you to easily, efficiently, and consistently reward positive contributions and milestones. Doing business this way not only encourages great performance, it creates a culture conducive to success and profit. Our goal remains the same: provide each business with a unique and appropriate employee recognition program.

Success in the Making

For over 25 years now, Williams Recognition has been a proud partner to many businesses in their efforts to reward and acknowledge exceptional employees, partners, team members and their contributions. From our beginning to the present day business, our success has always hinged on offering exceptional services and products to our clients. Here’s a brief look at our business’ history:
1989 – Founded by James Thompson, our company began as a plating facility specializing in gold and silver plating.1991 – Company expands to manufacturing jewellery and insignia products.
1994 – Awarded the GM Canada account and began manufacturing insignia products for Birks Jewellers.
1997 – The company grows further with the purchase of Goldtech’s assets.
2001 - Alan Whittaker joins the company and we focus on providing service in the recognition industry.
2001 – Williams launches its first website.
2003 – Williams develops its first on-line account for Pratt & Whitney Canada – leading the way to developing over 450 websites for our clients.
2007 – Williams purchases our present day building.
2008 – Williams purchases the Nemo Jewellery Manufacturing Company in Gatineau, QC.
2009 – Williams adds a 20,000-sqare foot extension to its current facility to accommodate growth.
2012 – Williams buys First Recognition Ltd. and expands further.
Present Day – Williams has become a leader in recognition industry services, providing exceptional products and services to businesses across North America. Celebrating 25 years of success, Williams is going strong!

From Start to Finish

When you sign up to our recognition programs, you’re not just signing up for rewards. You can expect a streamlined process and delivery mode that allows for your business’ unique needs. We specialize in tailoring a myriad of program options and products that will suit your situation best. This means that the people receiving the rewards or awards will feel proud of their accomplishments.
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