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April 27, 2018
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As Spring rolls in and work days start seeming longer, encouraging your employees to take periodic breaks and get outside for fresh air is one of the best things you can do for the overall morale of your work environment. There are a number of benefits encouraging this, including reduced stress levels and increased innovative potential. To get a better understanding of how this will help your employees, here are 5 reasons why taking a break and getting outside is extremely beneficial!

Reducing Stress Levels

Studies have shown that exposure to fresh, green spaces can significantly improve our physical and mental well-being, reduce stress levels and promote better overall health. Having exposure to outdoor surroundings throughout the work day can also lower cortisol levels in the body. 

Enhancing Innovative Potential

When you give your mind and body a chance to relax and enjoy the warm sun and fresh air, you’re simultaneously giving it a chance to recharge. This time is far from being a waste, as it will actually increase your creativity and innovative potential, as well as giving your employees time to think or start back fresh. Clearing your mind on a walk can actually help you brainstorm ideas, think through new ideas you have been working on or work through issues that have arisen. 

Improving Concentration

The average adult can concentrate on a specific task or topic for around 15 to 40 minutes straight. However, the longer we are focused on an individual task, the less interested we become. Our brain needs a chance to take a break and recharge, it is important to get your employees up from their desks and change their morale. Going outside and taking a short walk around the building or practicing meditative breathing for even 5 minutes a day can help improve your concentration once you sit back down at your desk.

Retaining your Vision

Most of us spend our work days sitting at a desk, staring at a computer. It comes with no surprise that this is not good for our overall health and, more importantly, our eyes specifically. Staring at the artificial lighting of a computer screen can be very draining and could cause permanent damage due to repetitive focusing and refocusing. Taking a break from the screen and exchanging it for natural lighting will give your eyes the much needed break they need. 

Decreasing Workplace Incidents

The top two causes of workplace injuries are fatigue and stress.  Taking regular breaks throughout your day will help to keep stress levels minimal and keep fatigue at bay. Just a few minutes outside, breathing in fresh air will give your body an energy boost to keep you awake and focused throughout the day to avoid any incidents.

Another way to boost productivity among employees is through Employee Recognition Programs. These programs are designed to recognize and reward committed employees who work hard and dedicate their effort and time to a position and stand out with their work. Here at Williams Recognition, we have been a leading employee recognition model and have helped countless companies throughout Canada create and implement their own programs that boost morale, improve productivity and increase company loyalty. Contact us now to see what they can do for your company today.


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