Saving Time by Managing an Employee Recognition Program

November 30, 2017
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Human Resource teams are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities and the most important responsibility is the management of a workforce. Keeping employees happy, engaged and loyal to the company can become more than a full-time job, therefore any way to save time is welcomed improvement for such departments. 

Employee recognition programs are very effective ways to improve staff satisfaction while spending less time managing it. In this article, learn how a recognition program can help you and what it’s benefits are!

How can Recognition Programs Help You?

There are various ways to implement an employee recognition program, but all of them will allow you to streamline the way your organization recognizes top employees and fosters an environment of creativity and top performance. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality employees and even more so trying to keep them. This is where a recognition program comes into play. Every program supports the team through concrete means of recognition, which can range from appreciation between two colleagues to the acknowledgement of the performance of sales professionals and safe behaviors.

Everything is done to ensure that management is intuitive without requiring excessive management from the human resources team. This becomes, by the same, beneficial for the hiring of new candidates and keeping the loyalty of others.

However, to be successful, it is important that any recognition is sincere.  If employees feel that the gestures are forced and hollow, it can create a negative impact and decrease employee satisfaction.

The most successful employee recognition programs are those that are woven into the daily flow of your workplace. It shouldn’t be something done only once a year during performance reviews. 

Benefits of Recognition Programs for Human Resources

If your human resources department implements an employee recognition programs, there can be tremendous benefits such as a direct improvement on the company’s bottom line. Some of these benefits could include:

  • Recognized employees will have a direct positive effect on the company;
  • Improve retention rates among employees;
  • Increase employee engagement;
  • Emphasizing the importance of company values in employees every day performance;
  • Improved performance;
  • Assist with succession planning;
  • Streamline costs and maximize efficiencies by having one universal program;
  • Energize the workforce.

Where to Begin?

Williams Recognition is one of Canada’s leading employee recognition program providers. We have more than 25 years of experience in implementing customized programs. Contact us today to learn more about the various programs offered and possible solutions to improve the efficiency of your human resources department. Start getting your employees satisfied and appreciated today!

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