Save Your Business Money by Promoting Safety Programs in the Workplace

August 12, 2015
Safety Programs in the Workplace - Williams
As a business owner, maintaining a safe work environment is a must. You want prospective customers and employees to be content knowing they work in a healthy workplace where their safety is a priority. Establishing a safety recognition program in your workplace can help accomplish just that, resulting in many other benefits for your company.

Happy, Loyal Employees

When someone takes note and commends you for your hard work and positive actions, how does this make you feel? No doubt this makes you feel appreciated and cared for. Feeling valued in the workplace results in employees showing increased loyalty to employers. Individuals are also prone to repeat kind gestures upon receipt, creating a happier workplace.

Companies who empower employees to recognize and reward safe behavior, by using a customized employee recognition program, are reinforcing positive action. This encourages others to follow and in turn can redefine the company’s safety culture. Not only do the employees feel appreciated they will also enjoy a safer work environment as a result.

To be the most effective, companies need to inspire their employees to “spot” someone doing something good or right and recognize them within a few short days.

Improved Productivity

When employees feel valued and are recognized for their work, they are proven to be more productive as a result of their emotional commitment to the company. In all facets of life- we are very likely to do return good to good. Having a sense of pride and commitment to an employer motivates engagement and the need to give the best effort.

Having happy employees also results in increased employee retention. A more experienced staff means improved productivity and less time spent instructing new employees.

Increased Profitability

Recognition leads to productivity and productivity produces profitability. According to studies, the higher employee engagement and commitment is to the company, the more s a company’s overall profitability.

Not only will employees feel more positive about and safe within their workplace, having a safer work environment can help your business earn a better score when audited annually by the CSST. Your annual fee depends on how safe your business is ranked. The better you perform and the lower your accident rate, the less you will pay. 

Help From the Recognition Professionals

At Williams Recognition we are here to help encourage workplace safety, lift employee morale and boost the overall productivity of your company. Proud to be the top recognition program providers in Canada, we offer superior services customized to suit the needs of your company and its employees.

​We also offer custom corporate gifts, service awards and more­. Check us out online or give us a call at 1 (877) 562-6501 and let us give you a hand!
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