Retirement Awards & Long Service Awards That Stand Out

August 28, 2013
Retirement Awards & Long Service Awards That Stand Out
Retirement is a big deal for the person retiring and for the organization that will see them depart. It can be a pivotal point in a person’s life and one that is often times met with mixed emotions. Retirement doesn’t just mark the end of a career, but it also begins a new chapter in the retiree’s life. Not to be confused with lounging about endlessly, or not doing anything ever again; retirement is more about getting to pick and choose what you get involved in, and to what extent.

The Ups and Downs of Retirement

As routines, relationships and the everyday realities of working are put aside or change, one great idea for showing a retiree how much their long service has been appreciated and valued is to reward them with a long service award, or a retirement award. Pre-retirement individuals commonly report experiencing a wide range of emotions. Emotions such as fear of the unknown, grief or loss, mood swings as well as excitement and joy are very common.

Celebrate a Long Service with Retirement Awards

One way to bring balance and help make the upcoming retirement easier for the retiree is to center the retirement phase on celebration, reminiscing, and appreciation. It is important to plan some retirement recognition activities that will allow for you to look back on great memories, accomplishments and milestones.

Retirement Award Tips

Plan a retirement party or celebration
Keep in mind the person’s preferences, as not everyone will appreciate a big affair. Some retiree’s truly prefer a low key and more intimate party with a few close friends and associates. The key here is to ask them. Retirement parties are not usually best thrown as a surprise.
Make or buy a retirement card
It may seem small, but it is something that is easily kept and enjoyed later on. Make sure to have everyone sign it, and fill it up with personal messages from the whole group. Make sure that even new people, or people who don’t know the retiree well get to sign it too. It’s about teamwork.
Choose a retirement award
There are many options available for retirement awards. Think about the person’s personal taste and choose something accordingly. Or, if you have an employee recognition program in place, you can choose a retirement award through that. Now is also a great time to implement an employee recognition program for future generations of your employees.
Plan an official retirement award ceremony
This can be as simple or elaborate as your retiree. Do keep in mind their personality though; some people are extremely uncomfortable in these types of situations, so you don’t want to go over the top with them.
William’s Recognition has a wide variety of long service awards and retirement awards to choose from. Call us today and we can help you create an employee recognition program that makes valuing your staff easy and fun!
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