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January 21, 2011

Recognizing safe behaviour, whether this involves awarding employees for an accident free year or handing out a safe driver award, contributes to supporting safe behaviour and perpetuating safety in the workplace.

Offering a safe and healthy workplace to your employees is a legal requirement. Safety Recognition Awards recognize and reward groups and individuals within your company who exhibit additional efforts and commitments to safety by following established and documented safety measures.

Safety Recognition Awards, as per other Employee Recognition Programs and Employee Incentive Awards, contribute to encouraging and publicly recognizing those employees who are committed to improving and contributing to the innovations and methods which foster a safe work environment.

Benefits of Safety Award Programs
A decrease in the overall number of work related accidents, an increase in productivity and an improved employee morale, these are a few of the benefits resulting from implementing safety procedures backed by safety awards and recognition programs.

Time spent at work
Considering that the average person spends approximately 50% of their non-sleeping time at work, it is not surprising that there are millions of people involved in work related accidents or injuries every year in North America.

Direct Costs

Injuries and accidents result in expenses to the employee, the employer and to society. Obvious costs such as loss of compensation, medical costs, treatment costs, and insurance or disability costs should be enough to motivate a safer work place.

Indirect Costs
Indirect costs associated to workplace incidents may be more subtle, but also lead to much expense: impact to productivity, hiring and training a replacement employee, overtime costs. As well, a possible increase in the company’s and the employees’ insurance premiums may occur as a result of the accident. Other indirect costs may include legal fees and accident investigation fees.

Safety in numbers
Implementing safety recognition programs within your company, providing safety procedure and training, and encouraging safe behaviours, organizations promote a safety culture within the workplace and the workforce. Not only will you witness a change in behaviour, but a change in attitude as well. Employees tend to become more proactive and productive. Safety recognition programs, not only award positive behaviour, they cultivate safety awareness and compliance, as well as team morale. The result for your organization: a healthier, more productive and efficient team.

Williams Recognition specializes in the implementation and administration of custom employee recognition programs and awards including safety recognition programs, employee service awards, sales recognition programs or performance recognition programs. Employee recognition programs not only help retain valued staff, but they contribute to boosting team morale and increasing productivity. Contact Williams Recognition for more information about our numerous employee recognition programs.

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