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February 16, 2021
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Rewarding employees is considered the most complex and the most sensitive management function of a human resources department. It should, among other things, motivate your team to work in a way that ensures full comprehension of organizational goals and interests. It is a role that is performed by creating a reward system, which means salaries, incentives, benefits and other values ​​provided by the employer, which provides employees in exchange for invested work. The reward system consists of material compensations. Rewarding is one of the main ways to attract employees and motivates to achieve better results.

Financial Rewards

In addition to a quality salary for responsible work, the work of each employee can be evaluated by various salary supplements in the form of bonuses, incentives, and other variable parts of the salary. This is one of the highly sought-after ways to promote hard work and dedication.

Intangible Incentives

On the other hand, intangible incentives, or non-financial rewards, relate to the expansion of powers, recognition and the opportunity for development and training. All these incentives are a reward for a good evaluation of the work done. Employees who want to advance, who excel in a project, or serve as a good example should also be given the opportunity for internal advancement.

Private Praise

Handwritten praise is a good way to praise an employee's work and thank them for a job well done. Also, a meeting can be arranged where praise for hard work can motivate an employee to continue. Many workers just want to hear a "thank you" and "great job" for the effort they put in.

Rewards can boost productivity, inspire the team to work together, and attract new talent to your company. An employee reward system can also help you preserve the staff you have. Awards and recognitions are the best way to support and show good and efficient behavior for employees, help them be satisfied with themselves and proud of the results they achieve, and to motivate themselves to continue to behave in this way. Advanced organizations are aware that behind employee motivation and a good atmosphere at work, there is quality and productive work that leads to increased profit.

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