Recognizing the Value: Peer-to-Peer Recognition

January 16, 2021
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Peer-to-peer recognition is the act of recognizing another employee’s abilities, deliverables, or talent. Many people love their job because of their good relationships with peers. The effects that can result from good relationships can affect the work ethic of the team, determine how a group of workers will be set according to set goals, affect the degree of cooperation among team members, motivate the group to give the best of each member.

Poor interpersonal relationships in an organization have a very measurable financial impact on the organization. Did you know that bad interpersonal relationship in an organization does more harm than bad business decisions? In addition to financial, these relationships have a number of other negative consequences for the organization.

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Is peer-to-peer recognition important?

Peer to peer recognition is important because it increases employee engagement. Engagement gets increased by 26% when employees give recognition to each other. It builds company culture; giving recognition among employees creates a better company culture which increases employee loyalty. Also, teams become more productive and happier, and therefore have a greater desire to stay.

Positive Communication

Positive communication is productive because it nurtures the basics of successful relationships in the workplace: truthfulness, integrity, productivity and satisfaction. One of the strategies of positive communication can be your effort to make your coworker feel satisfied with their work, but also with their contribution. Workers have a better opinion of their work if they are regularly recognized for the work done, in a positive and honest way.

Recognition Programs

Recognition tools need to make peer-to-peer recognition easy and fun for your workers. Should be able to send recognition from anywhere or anytime and you need to make sure it's easy to use. It should have mobile and offline capabilities.  Firms that use recognition programs are more successful and increase profits (between 14% and 29%.) – a Gallup study showed.

You too can contribute to creating better interpersonal relationships in the workplace - by understanding the people you are communicating with, listening and empathizing, giving feedback through positive communication - by creating better, more positive, productive, and profitable relationships with colleagues.

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