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December 20, 2018
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Recognition programs aren't a "one size fits all" situation. They need to be tailored to your company's goals and purpose. The point of beginning a recognition program is to ensure the appreciation towards your employees is noticed. In doing so, your team will increase productivity and display a higher sense of pride in their work. Recognition programs are the perfect way to push your company to achieve greater things.

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What is a Sales Incentive Program?

Sales recognition programs are used to achieve business goals that result in increased sales. Including anything from higher sale volumes and meeting sale targets to reducing costs and establishing new territories. This program is an excellent way to reward hard work.

How Does it Work?

Our Sales Incentive Plan (SIP) is tailored to your company to help motivate and reward sales professionals to achieve their designated goals. Our program is unique, where total dollars sold doesn't always outweigh sales productivity. This is where a SIP out measures a commision plan. Williams Recognition understands the importance of a unique incentive program that will drive your team to greater lengths and accomplish increased sales.

The Benefits of a SIP

Includes Everyone

SIPs incorporate everyone, keeping track of their hard work and efforts put into each sale. This makes a great choice for both large and small companies.

Increased Sales

Being one of the most common reasons a company will incorporate an incentive program, increased sales are what makes it work. Through SIPs, employers are able to motivate sales teams to achieve greater amounts of sales.

Better Teamwork

SIPs don't focus solely on individuals, but rather the amount of work going towards a sale altogether. Team-based sales can be created to ensure that coworkers work hard together for results that will compensate the work put in by all parties.

Enhanced Engagement

Motivating your employees through sales incentives helps get them more engaged in their work. Knowing that there is a reward waiting for them once a goal is reached is usually enough to obtain results quicker than usual.

Improved Work Morale

When a team member has an objective in mind, morale is improved when the objective is achieved. A sense of pride is found in their work and a reward shows your appreciation towards the work put in.

Recognition programs are a great tool to help improve life at work. Sales recognition programs are a great way to obtain any sales goals you have in mind. Contact us today to learn more about how a recognition program could benefit your workplace and which program could be right for you!


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