3 Profiles of Employees Based on Level of Engagement

February 28, 2018
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Within every office there are employees that bring with them different backgrounds, personalities and experience. Despite this diversity, there are 3 main profiles that characterize all employees. These profiles measure their level of engagement in a company. This then makes it possible to better evaluate the recognition program put in place. These 3 profiles are: engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged. In this article, discover these personalities to determine the level of commitment of each of your employees.

1. Engaged Employees

Engaged employees are those that feel a sense of pride for their job and the company they work for.  Not only do they understand the company objective, they align themselves with it and work towards achieving it.

These employees are constantly coming up with new ideas for the companies they work for and are most likely to try to bring those ideas to fruition. Engaged employees are also the most sought-after type of employee as organizations recognize the immense benefits of this segment of the workforce. 

2. Not Engaged Employees

Employees that are not engaged are akin to zombies and work on the autopilot during their day. Estimates also show that this group of employees make up the largest portion of the workforce today, upwards of 50%

These employees wait for instructions and then follow through accordingly. They are not the type to do any more than is asked of them, putting forth time but little energy. Their outlook can be either positive or negative, meaning they do not necessary have anything against the company but are not loyal to it either. 

3. Actively Disengaged Employees

Employees that fall into this last category are worse than zombies. They are extremely unsatisfied with their job and actively try to sabotage other employees and projects.  Their negativity can spread like a disease within an office, often serving as an encouragement to other to leave their jobs.  Ironically though, actively disengaged employees usually stay the longest in a position. They are more likely to complain about the company than to do something about their unhappiness and leave. 

Keeping your workforce engaged in the job is essential for optimizing potential and efficiency within an organization. Implementing an employee recognition program is a great way to do this, and Williams Recognition can help you. With more than 25 years of experience in the development and management of recognition programs, we are the leading suppliers in Canada. Contact us today ... and train engaged employees – and engaging!

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