Present or Benefit?

November 30, 2016
Present or Benefit?

Present or Benefit?

Every company gives Christmas bonuses. Whether it's a present or a bonus, each employee gets one. Williams Recognition knows that they're employees matter, and their hard work needs to be appreciated. Most companies decide what they'll give based on their employees likes, dislikes and recommendations.


Finances are a big part of figuring out how to give a bonus. Setting a budget helps your company know how much to give to satisfy the employee but also not more than the company can afford. Most companies have a specific account or set amount for when Christmas bonus time comes around. The most common bonus is money. Whether it's just an extra check or an increase in pay, money is the biggest incentive companies give out at Christmas time.

Gift Certificates

A lot of companies don't have a big enough budget to afford giving everyone a raise, and some only have a few dollars to give back. So instead of making a check out for twenty or forty dollars, the company will decide to give out gifts or gift certificates. Whether it’s for a restaurant, store or even for a few nights in a hotel, the gift is always tailored to the likes of the employee and they are usually happy with it.


There are many types of benefits that can be given out during the holiday season, but the most common would be a health incentive. It could be anything from a gym membership to an upgrade on your health insurance package. Normally after Christmas, many people decide to start the year off on a healthier note, so giving them a health benefit as a Christmas bonus would be the perfect place for them to start.


A lot of companies will choose their bonus based on connections they have with certain vendors. If a vendor is offering to give something free, a lot of the time the company will pass it on to the employee as their Christmas present. Although this is a cost efficient way for the company, depending on what kind of vendors you have, the present won't always be appreciated. Make sure to keep your employees preferences and opinions in mind while choosing what type of bonus to give out.

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