New Year’s resolutions for CEOs and corporations in 2012

January 03, 2012
New Year’s resolutions for CEOs and corporations in 2012

So, you've already made personal new year’s resolutions, but how about corporate and organizational ones? The start of the new year is a great opportunity for business owners to push their companies in a more successful or competitive direction. It’s a time to plan to manage and motivate more effectively. interviewed seven CEOs in 2010 and asked them for what their resolutions were: Susan Gregg Koger, CEO of ModCloth, had a goal of finding a mentor who was more established in the industry. Grace Ueng, the head honcho at Savvy Marketing Group, made social responsibility her corporate focus. Sam Calagoine, the boss at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, aimed to do less business travel, a goal that could have had benefits for his business and his family life. As an executive or manager, how would you like to better run your business this year?

January is great time to set goals for your team as well. Think about how you can work smarter. Fast Company has some resolutions for innovative teams. Number five on the list is "Celebrate and communicate your successes": Inspire your team with stories, share key findings, challenges, and results, says the article’s author Shawn Parr, CEO of a design consultancy with clients such as Starbucks and MTV.

It's important to you recognize the achievements that you've made together and acknowledge the team members that make a difference. Do this regularly—maybe even set up an employee recognition program or regular awards. Says Parr, "Schedule the celebrations when you're successful on the journey, not just when you reach the finish line."

This way you can rally your team to be competitive—and win at the number 10 resolution on the list: Pick a fight. When you concentrate on beating a specific opponent, or an organizational stumbling block, your team has a concrete goal to aim for, something they can envision working towards.

Wishing you a happy new year, and stick to it!

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