New Year's resolutions are not just about fitness habits

January 05, 2011

As you consider your personal and business resolutions for 2011, be sure to top your list with Employee Incentive and Recognition Programs.

In view of the recent economic times, certain managers may sneer at the thought of spending money on these programs, but the New Year is the perfect time to implement employee recognition and incentive programs. Employee recognition does not need to be an expensive endeavour, simply a sincere and consistent one.

Childhood recognition
This need for recognition dates back to our days as youngsters. Back then, we strived to be acknowledged by our parents, later on we looked to our teachers for recognition. As employees, the cycle continues. Employees seek not only fair compensation, but praise, appreciation and recognition for their efforts and their contributions to the success of the company.

Turnover misconception
A misguided belief is that people often change jobs because of salary; the truth is that the majority of employees move on as a result of an unsatisfactory relationship with their boss.

Understand recognition
As we roll into 2011, it is important to take the time to talk to your employees in order to understand what is important to them. In what situations do they feel recognized and appreciated? Understanding what makes your employees tick is the basis of employee recognition programs and incentive programs. And enables you to show your appreciation in a timely manner when the behaviour and performance merits reward.

Update and refresh existing programs
So you already have employee recognition and incentive programs in place? Tap yourself on the back, but do not become complacent. The first step is design and implementation. Programs must then be maintained, reviewed and improved to reflect the realities of your organization and your employees.

Flexibility and adaptability of programs
Without proper attention, employee incentive programs and recognition awards will likely fail to accomplish what they were set out to do: motivate employees to repeat desired behaviours. Successful recognition award programs are those which are properly maintained. These programs necessitate planning, consideration and communication. Are employees aware of existing employee recognition awards and incentive programs in their daily activities and tasks? To remain alive and well, recognition and incentive programs need to be fine-tuned and improved over time. Flexible recognition programs are those that will easily adapt to changing human resources, developing organizations and evolving objectives, guiding your employees to adopt the wanted behaviour.

So, as you sit down and contemplate the arrival of 2011, be sure that “Employee Incentive and Recognition Programs” are at the top of your list. Whether your goal is to implement new programs or to revise and update existing programs, Williams Recognition will design, implement and administer a range of Sales Recognition Programs. Williams caters to small, medium and large businesses.

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