How to implement a successful employee recognition program

October 22, 2012
How to implement a successful employee recognition program

Each year, Americans spend $18 billion dollars on employee recognition. Studies have shown that there’s a direct relationship between better safety, retention, profitability, productivity and employee engagement when employees are recognized for their work.

Unfortunately, all that money isn’t being well spent, because less than half of employees are actually satisfied with the rewards and awards they’re receiving for their work. Something is being lost in translation.

Let’s start from square one: How to implement a program that works. Leadership should be involved from the beginning. Often, recognition from management is the most meaningful to employees. If those at the top aren’t invested in the success of the program, your return on investment will be drastically reduced. Establish a commitment to launch the program enthusiastically, and to be involved throughout.

This will also involve skilled training. As this blog has mentioned before, the language and timing of recognition can make all the difference. Show managers and other recognition facilitators how to be sincere in their acknowledgement of employees’ accomplishments. They should also learn how to tailor how they give positive feedback to different employees.

Finally, with a stellar, well-considered program in mind, it’s time to launch. You must communicate, communicate, communicate. Post announcements, send internal communications via email, hold information sessions. To make your investment worthwhile, it’s vital to get employees genuinely excited. Don’t hold back on the fanfare!

Williams Recognition Ltd. can offer a variety of services to assist you with a successful launch. Contact a representative, and begin building the program that delivers on the promise of recognition. 

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