How to Engage Your Team After Their Summer Vacation

August 25, 2016
How to Engage Your Team After Their Summer Vacation

Summer vacations allow workers to rest and return to work less stressed. However, after the vacations, some employees are struggling to pick up the pace partly due to a lack of motivation and a concentration reduction.

Fortunately, there are several ways to engage your employees returning from vacation. Here are a few.

Prepare before they go

Before a team member leaves, discuss its workload and tasks with him. This will help to cut ties while he is on vacation.

Don’t bother them on vacation

There are some workaholics that will tell you that they will be checking their email while they are on vacation. However, resist the urge of contacting them.

Do not overwhelm them

If an employee is a hard worker that is very efficient, it is possible that the office may suffer in its absence. However, do not overwhelm him when he return from vacations. Even if he is enthusiastic to return to work, ease him back into it.

Be realistic

The purpose of a vacation is to provide the employee with the rest and relaxation necessary to rejuvenate their energy and creativity; however, it is unrealistic to believe that this will be the case with every employee. Additionally, it may take a few days before the employee gets back into the swing of things.

Don’t take it personally

Some employees who return from vacations may be detached from the work environment. Do not take it personally. It is likely that their distant behavior has nothing to do with you.

Let them know they were missed

Employees want to be appreciated. Let them know they were missed. Don’t miss the opportunity to say thank you.

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