Healthy Team, Healthy Workplace: Taking Steps Toward Workplace Wellness

October 15, 2014
Healthy Team Healthy Workplace Taking Steps Toward Workplace Wellness
It used to be that you went to work, you did your job, and you went home. Maybe you got health benefits, and maybe there were a few company picnics each year, but that was about it. In recent years, however, employers are taking on a bigger role in improving the quality of their employees’ lives. One hot buzzword you’ll hear around a lot of HR departments these days is “wellness.” Wellness refers to the process of making healthy choices in order to live a more healthy and less stressful life. An increasing number of employers are putting an emphasis on workplace and personal wellness, and they’re finding the results of these initiatives to be well worth the cost and energy they require.

Why Focus on Wellness?

You need your employees to be productive. However, when employees are stressed, in poor physical shape, or eating unhealthy foods, they’re not performing their best for you because they’re distracted, tired, or just not feeling great. They’re also costing you more in healthcare costs because they’re not taking good care of themselves. By implementing wellness initiatives and creating incentives for employees to take charge of their physical and mental health, employers are rewarded with happy, productive employees and a strong tool for recruiting outstanding new team members. Indeed, an investment in workplace wellness is an investment in the future of your business.


Ideas for Improving Workplace Wellness

Once you’ve committed to promoting workplace wellness, where do you start? It’s definitely important to focus on some positive behavioral changes. Encouraging more movement is a good and simple first step; things like a lunchtime walkers group or a contest to see who can log the most miles in a given time frame are perfect for increasing physical activity. You can also take it a step further by partnering with local gyms and fitness facilities to provide discounted memberships for your employees. Vending machines with healthy choices encourage better snacking. And, for stress reduction, some employers offer reduced cost or free massages on a regular basis, as even a ten minute chair massage is a fantastic pick-me-up for hard-working team members.
Stopping bad habits is as important as picking up good ones, which is why many companies offer smoking cessation incentives. Also, a regular email wellness newsletter is good for keeping employees informed of wellness activities and incentives, as well as for offering tips and publicly acknowledging employees who are doing great things for their own personal wellness. Finally, after your company’s wellness program has been in place for a little while and your employees are feeling good, it’s especially nice to do something for the greater good, like donating blood. Bigger companies might look into hosting a blood drive, while smaller organizations can encourage and provide incentives for donating at blood drive nearby. This is an ideal way for employees to feel good about themselves and help others in need.

We Can Help You Create a Better Workplace

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