Getting Comfortable with Conflict

April 16, 2013
Getting Comfortable with Conflict


Are you one of those people who will do almost anything to avoid conflict? Take heart, you are not alone. Developing the skills and confidence to face conflict can make a huge difference in your life, both personally and professionally. One of the most common reasons for workplace tension is the lack of effective communication skills driven by an underlying fear of conflict.

As differences arise, and they inevitably will, it is important to keep the lines of communication between affected parties open. As humans, we tend to think the worst, both of ourselves and others. More often than not, problems are based on misconception rather than fact and talking about them right away will dispel untruths quickly.

  • Don’t let tensions brew
  • Allow your emotions to stabilize and have your facts in order before discussing things
  • Make sure your personal needs are met i.e. food, rest, comfort
  • Be willing to admit guilt and be willing to call it as you see it even if it upsets the other party
  • There’s a big difference between being tactful and sugar-coating a bad situation. You won’t resolve the issue if you don’t bring it out in the open
  • Never resort to personal attacks and never walk out on a conflict (unless it’s becoming physical or you know you can no longer control your emotions). Be sure to announce the reason for you leaving in such a case. Blurting out a heated remark and storming out is a complete cop out and leaves your adversary no opportunity to respond. Instead, face conflict and work through it. Don’t be afraid to let the other party know how they are making you feel
  • Don’t be afraid of being disliked. Those emotions dissipate quickly.  If you’re a person with integrity and a positive reputation, it’ll blow over. If you’re not, then you might deserve the disdain that comes your way

Communication is the key to ensuring that those around you understand your motives and actions. Think of it like the signal lights on a car. You know where and when you’re going to turn, but those around you don’t unless you use your signalling device.  Erring on the side of a little too much communication can head off a world of hurt and conflict.

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