Five ways to ensure your recognition program improves your company’s performance

October 18, 2011
Five ways to ensure your recognition program improves your company’s performance

Check any “top 10” list of reasons employees leave companies, and lack of recognition will be in there. Every time! So, having established that recognition is a key driver of employee satisfaction and, therefore, performance, how do you know that your recognition program is effective? The key is to ensure that your recognition and rewards program is seen by your employees to be an honest appreciation of their accomplishments, rather than a lever used by management to get even more work out of them.

Here are five key components that will ensure your recognition program enhances the performance of your company and advertises it as a great place to work.

Ensure management is on board
Without a management buy in, a recognition program is doomed to fail. Not only are aspects of the program bound to meet resistance from individual managers, but employees will not see the program as legitimate if it hasn’t been management approved.

Get organized
Your recognition program has to be organized if it is to succeed. Systems have to be put in place to ensure that fulfillment of the program is taken care of. Managers have to be trained how and when to use the components of the program. Many companies make the mistake of having a number of disjointed programs running simultaneously. All this ends up doing is creating confusion and watering down the effect of the core strategy.

Plan plan plan
You must do the due diligence planning that’s needed to properly integrate the recognition program into your company’s core strategies and goals. The more planning you do before your program goes live, the better it will work in the long run.

Make it believable
One of the advantages of having a recognition program linked to the core goals and values of your company is that the program will become believable. As company goals are reached, rewards and recognition will be assigned. When this happens, your recognition program will get the traction it needs to become a powerful driver of performance for your company.

Front and centre
Once your recognition program is up and running, keep it front and centre at all times. Don’t let it fade into the background. Success breeds success, so ensuring that company employees are regularly updated on recognition awards will ensure that everyone is consistently reaching for their goals and the recognition they know it will bring.

But remember the golden rule: The appreciation is to recognize and celebrate the employees accomplishments, it’s not to be used as a lever.

By following these five simple strategies, you will ensure that your company retains its employees, and benefits from the optimum performance that only comes through consistent employee retention and engagement.

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