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September 20, 2018
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Recognition programs are important for every company. How do you know which program is the right choice for you? Discover the benefits of engaging in an employee service awards recognition program and decide whether this program is the one you want.

This is the first article of our six-part series on helping you find the programs that best suit your needs.

The 3 Types of Employee Service Awards

1. Long Service Awards

Offering an award to your employees for the time they have committed is a great way to show your appreciation for their years of work. Being a tradition throughout Canada, this helps keep employees loyal for a long period and shows that you value their contributions throughout the years.

2. Retirement Awards

When an employee has spent numerous years contributing to your company and adding valued expertise to projects, it is necessary to show your appreciation before they leave. Retirement only happens once, ensure your employees feel content leaving, knowing that they have made an impact on your company and their fellow team members.

3. Awards for Exceptional Service

A great way to keep employees loyal and hardworking is by offering them exceptional service awards, recognizing them for the assistance they have done. Let them know that have done outstanding work to ensure they continue to go above and beyond your expectations.

Benefits of Each Award System

Benefits of Long Service Awards

Given to an employee when they have been loyal to a company for a certain amount of time, the following benefits include:

•    Considered one of the most important forms of recognition.

•    Can be offered anywhere from 3 months to multiple years of service.

•    Gifts can include anything from personalized pens, watches and other office items to luxurious vacations and goods.

•    Motivates staff to remain loyal to the company.

•    A way to award employees who aren’t earning top bonuses but are loyal and hardworking nonetheless.

Benefits of Retirement Awards

Given to employees after numerous years of hardworking service and they decide to no longer work, the following benefits include:

•    Motivates employees to remain in the company through incentives.

•    It lets them know that their time spent contributing hasn’t gone unnoticed.

•    Ensures employees leave with a sense of pride in the work they have done throughout the years.

•    Allows them to see that their personal contributions and time have not gone unnoticed.

Benefits of Exceptional Service Awards

Exceptional service awards are given to employees who have gone above and beyond the company’s expectations. The following benefits include:

•    The incentive for employees to work harder or continuously work hard.

•    Shows employees appreciation for the dedication they have given to a certain project.

•    Ensures the awareness that hard work pays off.

We offer numerous different recognition programs to help you show your employees the importance of their work and that it doesn’t go unnoticed. From service recognition programs to incentive recognition programs, we’re here to set a plan of action into place and help you choose both programs and rewards that fit your needs and goals. Contact us today to start putting a program into motion and keep your employees working hard, help them help you!


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