Engaging your millennial employees

June 26, 2012
Engaging your millennial employees

Much has been written about Gen Y, also known as ‘millennials’ or ‘Generation We.’ Some have called Gen Y workers entitled; others have noted that these twenty-something workers believe they deserve preferential treatment when they haven’t done the work.

The jury is still out, but what we already know is that what drives Generation Y employees is much different than what motivates the outgoing boomers. Millennials want to be continually learning and regularly recognized for a job well done. That’s why properly executed rewards programs are so well suited for encouraging loyalty in today’s workplaces.

What often gets ignored in news articles and studies about millennials are the powerful skill sets they offer. In a business world driven by storytelling, relationship building and communications, these young workers, experts in social media and multitasking, can add creativity and productivity.

Try these quick tips for managing millennials and harnessing their smarts and enthusiasm:

  • When it’s too early to reward performance, offer flexibility in whatever ways to maximize an employee’s strengths. Does he or she need to start at 10 instead of 9? Let them work during their most optimal hours.
  • On the other hand, structure is important. Meet and set goals, and make sure everyone knows how success is measured.
  • Give feedback. Millennials thrive on affirmation; their parents told them they can do anything, so they are used to that level of encouragement.
  • Gen Y employees are familiar with working on teams. Get them engaged by giving them a forum to express their ideas and opinions, and work with others to accomplish their vision.
  • Millennials look forward to work, but they want it to be a place where they are happy spending time. Try corporate retreats or staff lunches to encourage social bonds.

Understanding the unique motivations of all your workers, no matter what generation they are from, will be the key to your company’s success. Read more about the future workforce at: http://www.hrmtoday.com/featured-stories/%E2%80%9Cput-me-in-coach%E2%80%9D-5-ways-to-effectively-get-your-gen-y-employees-to-perform/

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