Employer’s HR Guide to Productivity and Motivation – Part One

June 03, 2013
Employer’s HR Guide to Productivity and Motivation – Part One
Most people take pride in doing a good job; especially when those around them recognize their efforts and abilities. At William’s Recognition we recognize how important it is to understand how to motivate and value your employees. Not only does it boost productivity; it makes a huge impact on the atmosphere of your workplace.
If you have employees who are less than stellar, we’ve put together this quick guide to get you started on effectively handling such situations. Here’s Part One of our Employer’s Guide to Productivity and Motivation.
Get to know your employee so that you understand why they perform poorly
#1. Find out what motivates them. What are they are passionate about? What do they value? Things that motivate your employees will differ depending on their personal values, passions, and personality. For some it may be a cash bonus or incentive; for others appreciating and recognizing good work by telling them so would hit closer to home.
#2. Understand their needs. Often very small things can make a big difference. An example could be a single mother that needs a few minutes of flexibility in her start time. The cost is minimal but such a goodwill gesture can create loyalty and appreciation. Let her know that you trust her not to abuse the flexibility. If you suspect she is, of course, you will need to address it. But even that situation can be an opportunity for positive growth. If done sensitively but firmly, the employee will gain a newfound respect for you and will likely rise to a higher standard. 
#3. How do they learn? We all learn in different styles. Understand how they best learn and provide the supports necessary.
#4. The impact of work environment. Understand what kind of a work environment they are most effective in and try to provide it.
#5. Personal goals or dreams. Find out their goals and aspirations; not just for themselves, but for your organization. You might be surprised at the grand visions that reside within your ranks and the innovative and practical suggestions for achieving them.
#6. Where do they fit? Find out where your employee thinks they fit. See the potential in the individual and be willing to take the time and energy to grow them. There must be real expectations set that result in real rewards when met; and consequences if not met. When people understand the rules of the game, they are much better players.
These six tips are a quick and easy way to get the ball rolling. You may be surprised at the change that occurs just by becoming more engaged in your employees as people. It’s not about doting on them, but people intrinsically translate your efforts and recognition into being understood and valued. You may not be able to make huge changes in the operations of your business, but when employees feel recognized and appreciated, that goes a long way to motivate and direct their energies. Be sure to come back and read Part Two!
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