Employee Recognition and Mobilization—Worker’s Perspective

March 14, 2014
Mobilizing a multigenerational workforce
Mobilizing a multigenerational and multicultural workforce has become a big challenge for managers. Most of the workplaces have people belonging to three generations as many baby boomers are not planning to retire, moreover, half of the workforce will consist of Millennials in the next few years. So how should companies and businesses embrace and prepare themselves to be ready for this human capital?
The answer lies in clearly understanding the motivation behind the behavior patterns of these demographics and therefore developing appropriate work policies that attract these youngsters for productive work. Not long ago, employees were content with loyalty to their organizations, and terms like employee recognition programs and long service awards were fashionable. It might change with generation Z!
By a careful analysis of what this demographic group, there are various ideas that can be helpful in discerning a recruitment policy or strategy that suits the management of generation Z. Here are some thoughts:

Give them Projects to Perform

Clearly this is a generation that has little or no time sitting at your office for straight 8 hours for a pay. Titles do not matter; neither do traditional issues like long service awards and employee recognition programs. They count little for generation Z. Their orientation is more on specific and time bound projects for a negotiated pay. Turn around is key as it determines how much they earn on such projects, hence gives them the necessary motivation and impetus to deliver. After that they may decide on their next project or whether to take up another assignment with you or not. It also allows them to have constant learning through these challenging projects, and at the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for both of you.

Allow Room For Innovation

If you are the rigid type of business, you honestly will have a hard time with generation Z mandarins. These fellows want their freedom with things, new ideas, creativity and innovation. They want to challenge your status quo. And who knows, you could hit the jack pot and be the next big thing, by just allowing for reasonable freedom.

Money is not everything

Organizations relying on ‘similar need concept’ are facing total failure as people belonging to different generations have their unique demands. For instance, baby boomer are more interested in job status and a good location of their offices, while on the other hand, Millennials want to create a work life balance finally the generation Z shows good networking capabilities and these individuals want to share their success and perform meaningful tasks. Money is not everything for every employee instead there is a need to recognize the talent.

Appreciating Outstanding Efforts

Managers need to understand what they can expect from different generations at the offices. For example, boomers are more interested in money and having a bossy attitude so for them, long service awards can work as a miracle. Generation Z or upcoming workforce is enthusiastic and need a good reward of their work not only in the form of money but also in the form of recognition. In order to mobilize this generation managers need to introduce an employee recognition programs as it will allow them to build and maintain an ongoing relationship with these people who want to make sense of their employment.
By distinguishing your company and business apart from the competition by being bold and proactive, get ahead of the game and hire these fresh, versatile and innovative thinkers and reap big into this potential reservoir of great brains. Remember, success comes from great training, which leads to excellent leadership and lasting organizations.
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