Employee Recognition – More difficult than it seems

February 21, 2011

The Best Employers in Canada appear to have at least one thing in common; these companies place importance on employee recognition and rewards, something that less successful companies do not.

Employees are what make your business run. It therefore makes sense that engaged, productive and committed employees lead to a company’s success. Employee Recongnition

  • Exit interviews and surveys from the best employers illustrate that two out of five employees do not feel that their contributions were sufficiently recognized. For other employers, this proportion is 3 out of 5.
  • Companies that relied solely on formal employee recognition programs where employees are ceremoniously acknowledged once a year typically miss the mark; either these awards are reserved for a targeted group of employees or the awards are attributed based on goals and objectives which are not understood nor aligned with the employees expectations and needs. 

Rewarded people work harder and are more committed. How do you make certain your employee rewards encourage workers to succeed and adopt desired behaviours and attitudes?

Personalize and adapt:
No two companies should have the same employee recognition award program. Each company has its own unique culture and the employees are a part of this culture, therefore the recognition awards must be customized to this culture.

Clear-cut and regular:
Encouraged and expected behaviours must be known and understood. The reason why an award is attributed needs to be clearly defined. Your workforce will swiftly ignore employee recognition programs that seem to unfairly reward specific employees.

Employee recognition gifts must be handed out in a timely manner. Recognition for a project which was completed months ago is not very gratifying, nor does its reward the behaviour that you want to encourage.

Peer recognition:
More often than not, co-workers are more aware of employee performance and sacrifice than managers. Encouraging employees to recognize and motivate each other increases employee engagement

Continually creative: No matter how tailored and specific it is, over time, your employee incentives programs will become stagnant. Keep employees on their toes by introducing new rewards and modifying existing ones.

Equivalent awards:
Each award should be justifiable and proportional to the employee gifts that were given in the past for the same recognition.

An employee recognition program is the simplest way to recognize your employees’ hard work and dedication. Not only does recognition help retain valued staff, but it also boosts team morale and increases productivity. Williams Recognition Ltd. has a management team with more than 50 years of experience in the employee recognition industry. Williams specializes in the implementation and administration of custom employee recognition programs and employee recognition rewards.


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