Dangle the carrot to uphold employee enthusiasm

April 28, 2011

Chester Elton, co-author of The Carrot Principle, a book on employee motivation that is based on a 10 year study of 200,000 managers and employees, states that many managers do not recognize employees for the simple reason that they are overwhelmed and employee recognition is something that gets dropped.

Employee Engagement
According to Elton's research, and many other studies, employee engagement is the most important factor of organisational success. The more engaged and enthusiastic employees feel about their job, the higher the likeliness that they will be more dedicated and productive. The feeling of being appreciated by their manager is the driving force behind any employee’s sense of commitment and enthusiasm.

Punch clock employee
The cost of neglecting employee recognition is steep. “Punch clock employees”, those that come into work, do the strict minimum and then leave, are costly to your business.

Non monetary recognition
While money is evidently important, when it comes to employee recognition awards, non-monetary forms of recognition have as much, if not more, worth. Daily forms of employee appreciation that provide motivation include such simple things as keeping personnel informed, asking people for their opinion or praising a person for a job well-done.

Stop demotivation
Sadly, many companies not only omit to motivate their employees through various means of employee recognition programs gifts and sales awards, many employers manage to unwillingly demotivate their employees.

Most employees start a new job with enthusiasm, yet in the majority of cases (nearly 85%), there is a sharp downturn in employee morale after the first six months and this decline continues throughout the years.

The cause of this decline in motivation is typically associated to the policies and procedures that are used by companies to manage their personnel, as well as the relationships that individual managers establish with their employees.

Maintain enthusiasm
There are three primary goals that the majority of employees look for in a job. Providing the means for your employees to realize these goals will help uphold the level of enthusiasm that is typical of new employees.

  • Fair play: Respect and fairness in terms of salary, benefits and job security.
  • Accomplishment: Pride in one’s job, achievements and employer.
  • Comradeship: Positive and productive relationships with colleagues.

    To maintain an employee’s enthusiasm, all three elements must be present. One goal cannot be exchanged for another. Enhanced recognition will not replace a better salary, a good salary will not make up for having pride in your work and approval alone will not pay the mortgage.
    Receiving recognition for achievements is one of the most fundamental human needs. Rather than making employees complacent, recognition reinforces their accomplishments, and ensures more positive outcomes and an increase in efficiency.
    An employee recognition program is one of the easiest ways to recognize your employees’ hard work. Not only will it help you retain your valued staff, but it will also boost your entire team’s morale and increase productivity. Our employee recognition programs, sales awards and years of service awards are hassle-free and provide a great return on investment. Contact us for more information.

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