Creating Good Team Relationships

April 23, 2019
team relationships

Employee satisfaction is the focus of Williams Recognition. We offer a variety of recognition programs that reward long time service or outstanding performance. But are there other ways for employers to make their workplace hospitable? What about team building?

In one way or another, the work place is always going to involve some sort of team work. In times of need, everyone has to pull together and cooperate in order for the process to run smoothly. The only way to ensure this is to have a good sense of team relationships. But what does it mean to have good team relationships? How can you create an environment that is conducive to it? Keep reading for the answers as we look at some of the perspectives of team relationships. 

What is a Good Team?

A team is made up of any two or more people cooperating in the aim of producing specific results. On the one hand, a team is made up of individuals. Yet on the other hand it cannot be said that it is any one individual that defines the team. There’s the collective and then there is the individual. When the team comes together to produce the end product, we quickly say, “Wow! What a good team!”. But how can we go from working with a group of individuals to working with a great team? You need Team Relationship Management!

Team Relationship Management


You must get a close look at the relationship between the individual and the collective. What does the worker expect from his team? Moreover, what do all the individuals expect from the team as a whole? Are there any team leaders—because they’re expectations equally fit into the equation. The first step towards team management is creating a space that supports feedback. Giving everyone on the team a voice to be heard not only ensures their sense of autonomy and participation in team direction, but ensures your awareness of the individual needs as they are directed toward the collective.

Assess Feedback

Now that you have some data to work with, you can get an accurate idea of what the individual, even on a person to person basis, expects from his team, its leaders and vise versa. Understanding this team dynamic will give you a starting point in bridging the gap between opposing forces on the team. Dialogue is key to the overall success of the team contributing towards an atmosphere where input and participation give way to fulfillment and creativity.


Making sure that this feedback dynamic doesn’t stop will retain the success of the team. New concerns and expectations will always come up and keeping the feedback loop open will make sure everyone’s on the same page. Making sure to re-incorporate a feedback experience on a regular basis alone isn’t enough to create a winning team. Routinely assessing that feedback and taking action to assimilate it into the workers experience, however, will get you going in that direction. To have a great team relationship, find ways to make team relationship management a quotidian in your workplace.

If you’re stuck or need more guidance to the perfect recognition program from your employees, contact us today and we’ll ensure you get the best results.


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