Chasing top recruits: 4 secrets to attracting talent

June 15, 2012
Chasing top recruits: 4 secrets to attracting talent

Talent makes a company shine. Organizations that catch the eyes of media, investors and bright minds are companies with great talent. Star employees foster innovation, productivity and creativity. Though these qualities can be incubated with the right environment, talent gives a company an inherent edge. 

However, in trying economic times, chasing—and retaining—top talent can seem like a futile task. How can a small business or start-up compete with the likes of Apple or Google? Here are some strategies and tactics you can adopt to bring in the cream of the crop:

Create a referral program. If your company is truly great, get your employees involved with bringing in smart and savvy people. Offer rewards for referring a candidate that gets hired. When launching a recognition program the key to making such a program work is making sure employees are aware and excited about it. A program launch is a great way to create fanfare.

Network in person. Making a face-to-face connection with a star talent can make all the difference. You can address the candidate’s questions or concerns. Best of all, as the executive or HR representative, you can be the living representation of your company culture.

Foster a strong company culture. Company culture is often confused with perks such as foosball tables or flexible hours. Though benefits like these are important to potential employees, what truly attracts smart people are organizations that have purpose, focus and harmony. They want to know what you prioritize and honour more than profit.

Advertise your company culture. So you have a company with a noteworthy culture—what’s next? Make sure you’re visible to those future Bill Gateses and David Packards: again, make sure your employees champion your company culture. More importantly, market your company and shining strengths. Use social networking to get your job postings in front of as many geniuses as possible! 

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