Canada’s Top Employers—Why They Use Employee Recognition Programs

December 04, 2013
Canada’s Top Employers—Why They Use Employee Recognition Programs

How to Recognize Canada’s Most Successful Businesses

The most successful businesses understand people. They understand what people need and want; what motivates and encourages; and how to handle difficult situations.  When dealing with your clients, these traits give you the ability to offer your clients the best products and services.

But What About Inside the Four Walls of Your Business?

The top employers in Canada all share one common feature: they value and recognize their employees. Not only do they value them, they create a culture within the company that attracts top talent and retains skilled workers. Having a work-culture that offers exemplary benefits and recognition to its members is one of the fastest ways to create a loyal and productive team.

Employee Recognition is the Key!

The top employers know how to recognize talent. They know how to recognize great performance and contributions. They know how to give recognition to their employees! Recognizing employee contributions is one of the most powerful ways to motivate your team members, so don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s difficult or time-consuming to do so!
Some of the most popular employee recognition options used by top employers in Canada include:
  • Service awards
  • Long service awards
  • Employee incentive programs
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Loyalty programs and incentives
  • Retirement awards and programs
  • Annual and monthly employee recognition
  • Loyalty program that recognizes long-time employees
  • Frequent and consistent employee recognition milestones & initiatives
  • Various service award and recognition programs geared towards individual accomplishments

Great Corporate Leadership Starts at the Top!

By having quality leadership, exceptional employee incentives, employee recognition programs and deep-rooted corporate values and culture, your business can become one of the best places to work in Canada! These things are also the things that will boost morale and productivity of your employees. And the must come from the top level all the way through your company.

The Unseen Influences

Once you’ve put in place an employee recognition program there are other options you can consider to improve your workplace. To take your company to the next level, consider some of the following options offered by other leading companies in Canada:
  • Flexible work schedules and arrangements
  • Employer paid comprehensive benefit program
  • Opportunities for meaningful career advancement
  • Training/continuous education and career or personal development programs
  • Access to financial advisers and planners
  • In-house childcare or childcare programs
  • A team-oriented atmosphere
  • Profit sharing opportunities
  • Competitive salaries
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