Building a Name For Your Company

August 15, 2018
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By forming a company, you’re creating your very own brand. However, branding doesn’t just end there. In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is where building a name for your company comes into play. Without building a name for your brand, it would be a lot harder reaching it to the top.

The Importance of Corporate Branding

Before we jump right into the importance, let’s define corporate branding. Namely, corporate branding is a process in which the company promotes their brand image rather than the products or services they offer to the public. Even the best products won’t sell if your brand doesn’t fulfill today’s marketing standards. Ironically enough, having quality products is one way to build a brand. However, it’s not the only way, and we’ll share our thoughts on this topic in the following section.

Four Simple Steps to Successful Company Branding

Determine Your Purpose and Target Audience

The first two questions you should ask yourself when you start a branding campaign are who am I doing this for and why am I doing this.

By answering these two questions, you’ll be able to determine the purpose of your brand and the audience you are trying to target. This is the best way to stay focused on the real reason you started your company.

Develop a Brand Standard and Stay Consistent

For example, how many years has Coca Cola done Christmas commercials with same motifs for? This isn’t a coincidence, it’s a great way to build a brand. Coca Cola took something trivial such as the red and white combination of their brand and this specific holiday and turned it into their leverage. Now, every time a red and white can is seen, most people will think of Coca Cola.

That’s what you want to achieve with your brand as well, and consistency plays a considerable part in the success of the outcome of your branding campaign. Our advice would be to create a long-term strategy and stick to it.

Get Everyone on Board

Although you’re in charge and your marketing team has all hands on deck with your ideas, it’s best to get everyone in the company involved in the process. A survey or a questionnaire will do the trick. Simply offering to listen to their opinions, ideas and advice will make them feel more recognized in the project. This would be a good time to put your first recognition program into action, and it will most definitely raise your brand awareness. When everyone enjoys working on a project, the project can exceed expectations quickly.

Share With the Community

Once you’ve figured out the main details of your branding campaign and are ready to launch, it’s time to share it with the community. If a person identifies with your brand or if you make them feel like they can easily relate, you’ve got your brand on a right path. A good branding campaign should encourage people to participate, as it’s the most natural way to get the brand exposure you want and need.

Starting a brand is easy, but becoming recognizable in your industry and building your brand name is far from it. However, we believe that if you dedicate yourself enough and follow these simple strategies, your company may grow to be the next big shot in its respective industry. If you’re looking for help making sure your team is recognized for the hard work put in, we’re here to help. Williams Recognition has years dedicated to ensuring everyone knows their part is appreciated. With recognition programs and incentive programs, you can keep your team working hard along with the company to get everyone where they want to be.






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