A good recognition program is as important as your marketing

June 23, 2011

Performing a task because it’s your job is one thing. Performing a task because it’s your job, and knowing how by doing your job you are helping the company and are appreciated for doing so is another thing entirely. We are all inclined to work harder if we feel valued and involved. Let’s face it, No one goes to work with the intention of giving less than 100% Whenever employees are rewarded or recognized, they always work harder.

As we slowly emerge from a deep recession, regaining traction in the marketplace as quickly as possible is vital. And the companies who are getting ahead the quickest, are the ones that resisted the temptation to cut employee-recognition programs or employee-incentive programs during the recent downturn.

Today, companies are looking at employee rewards and recognition programs during tough times in much the same way as they look at the marketing department—with a fresh approach. In the past, during tough economic times, job losses and other economic sanctions usually hit the marketing department first. Not any longer. Today, companies realize that the more they keep marketing their products or services during the tough times, the quicker they will get back their market share when the economy picks up.

It’s the same with rewards and recognition programs

Your employees like to feel appreciated. The more you do for them, the harder they will work for you. And to have everyone on your side when the going get’s tough is going to give you the best odds of pulling through. It just makes sense.

Williams Recognition specializes in the implementation and administration of custom employee recognition programs and awards. Williams creates custom employee award programs that allow you to acknowledge your employees and show your appreciation of them. Williams offers a wide variety of rewards and is able to administer your employee recognition programs from start to finish.


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