7 Tips for Happy and Productive Employees

January 27, 2016
7 Tips for Happy and Productive Employees

How can you keep your employees happy and working productively? Many think the answer is to sign big checks. However, salary remuneration is not always an adequate solution. Fortunately, there are many affordable ways to boost employee morale, and create a workplace atmosphere of support, respect, and congeniality. Here are seven tips for keeping your employees happy and productive.

1. Offer flexible schedules

Just like you, your employees have personal lives outside of work. For them to give you their best performance, they need to be content and have a good balance between professional and personal life. Make sure to be flexible about schedules. For example, a team member that must drop his or her child off at school every morning may require additional time in the morning. Your employees will appreciate your flexibility.

2. Encourage suggestions

Your employees probably have some great ideas about how to move the company forward, but are you listening to them? Encourage your employees to submit ideas and make sure they are involved in the business, they will feel engaged and their sense of belonging will be strengthened.

3. Develop a group dynamic

Several times a year, plan activities to rally employees. It could be as simple as a BBQ, going out for happy hour or a soccer game on a Friday afternoon. These gatherings are fun and will improve interaction between employees and management.

4. Keep it interesting

Monotony is a real productivity killer. Do what you can to keep your team members interested in their work. This might involve job rotation and new challenges.

5. Invest in them

Providing opportunities for continuing education shows employees that you want them around for the long haul. Plus, you benefit as well, since employees will be better trained and more knowledgeable.

6. Recognize efforts

Congratulate employees is an effective way to recognize efforts made. Even better, thank your employees in front of others employees, they will feel valued!

7. Reward great work

A tangible reward shows your appreciation and also recognize the contribution of an employee. A prime parking spot and a gift certificate are appropriate rewards.

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