5 Recent Employee Recognition Trends

October 31, 2017
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Employee recognition is a fast-growing idea that both small and large companies are taking advantage of. It is a method to recognize employees who are going above and beyond their position. This is a proven method for improving employee satisfaction and loyalty

Several types of recognition programs exist. To simplify your search, here are the latest trends for employee recognition.

1. Shifting Towards Primarily Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs

There is a growing shift within different types of employee recognition programs towards peer-to-peer programs. These allow employees to recognize their peers, instead of it coming only from management. 

Employees can therefore motivate and congratulate themselves or each other on their good work, this allows everyone to give their best efforts and stay motivated.

At Williams Recognition, we’ve created the Tag-a-Peer, a peer-to-peer recognition program that allows employees to recognize and reward positive behaviors and performances. This program keeps employees engaged and offers immediate rewards for outstanding employees.

2. Mobile Applications for Employee Recognition

With the latest technology focusing on mobile applications, there are growing trends for using mobile platforms for employee recognition programs. Using a mobile application has been linked to increased engagement from employees, since they are already constantly using a mobile device. We can work with your organization to create a personalized program that works efficiently on a mobile device. 

3. Personalization Will Be Expected

Another employee recognition trend is the creation of personalized programs for your employees. Some appreciate even more when an organization puts effort into creating a recognition program that befits the culture of the company.

The same is true for the rewards that are linked to the recognition program. Employees are increasingly frustrated by standard rewards, such as gift certificates to big box retailers. Instead, there is a growing expectation that the rewards are personalized and tailored to those being recognized.

4. Recognition of Achievements

Employees want to see the employee recognition programs linked to actual performance and achievements. Technology has given companies the ability to create programs that not only track recognition but also track the results received.

For example, the Sales Recognition Programs that Williams Recognition can customize for your organization will reward sales achievements at various preset increments. These programs are often used by companies to achieve tangible objectives.

5. Social Media Recognition Will Surpass Traditional Platforms

There is a growing trend towards recognition programs that allow the recognition to take place over various social media platforms. Most people are vibrant social media users and want to see their recognition on platforms where it will be noticed by people in their professional circles alike. 

To learn more about the various types of employee recognition programs or to personalize your own for your company, contact us today! We will be happy to guide you in achieving your goals!

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