4 Keys to Effective Communication that will Boost Your Employee Recognition Programs

January 09, 2014
4 Keys to Effective Communication that will Boost Your Employee Recognition Programs
Powerful employee recognition hinges on effective and appropriate communication. Communication is one of those hot-button words. Everyone uses it liberally, but few actually understand how to do it effectively. Communication is one of the biggest contributing factors in dysfunctional workplaces. It boils down to the human challenge: relationships. It’s not always easy to get your message across in a way that is clear and consistent. So much relies on the interpretation of the person receiving the message.
So how can employers communicate with their employees effectively? How can employers use communication to bolster their employee recognition programs? Take five minutes and find out how!
Key Number One: Know Your Employees!
Having a good understanding of your employees is extremely valuable. It allows you to make good decisions in how you choose to manage and communicate with individuals. It gives you an idea of what type of employee recognition will have the greatest impact. It also can give you insights into how and why an individual may act, or communicate a certain way. Be careful not to stereotype, but be aware of things such as:
  • Gender
  • Generation
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language & Culture
Key Number Two: Know where the line is.
It doesn’t mean you have to get overly friendly—you can keep it professional, but take the time to learn what makes them tick. Preferences for how they communicate, how they work best, what motivates them, personal characteristics, and a general understanding of their life circumstances will allow you to choose wisely.
Key Number Three: Choose your method wisely.
Depending on the circumstances, and the tone of the message, you will want to carefully consider how you will deliver it. If the message has the potential to be misunderstood or misinterpreted, take the time to deliver it face to face. Taking the considerations listed above into the equation; decide what delivery method will work the best to achieve your desired result. Your method can vary greatly from person to person, especially when it revolves around employee recognition.
Key Number Four: The downside of email and text messaging.
Email, text messages and the likes leave a lot open to interpretation—and that’s not always a positive thing. What you may have written as a funny note can come across insulting or insensitive…or worse. Be careful and err on the side of conservative with communications that are not in person.
In terms of employee recognition, the best approach is to be very personal with how you communicate. That means choose the best method for each particular individual. Don’t dismiss the power of little things either. Little notes saying “thank-you” or “good job” are positive ways to integrate employee recognition on a day to day basis.
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