10 Ways to Recognize and Motivate Millennials

September 29, 2016
10 Ways to Recognize and Motivate Millennials

Recent studies have revealed that when it comes to younger employees, recognition is one of the most powerful forms of motivation. Williams Recognition, an industry leader in developing and implementing recognition and rewards programs for employers, places a great deal of gravity on effectively recognizing the accomplishments of employees. Following are 10 ways to recognize and motivate the new generation.

Offer work that is stimulating

Younger employees want to be challenged, and they don’t adjust well to monotony. Make sure that they constantly being given new projects that stimulate them.

1. Millennials are recognized for their capacity for innovation. Don’t over instruct with this group; allow them to provide their input.

2. Because the younger generation is more open to the world than previous ones, encourage them to participate in projects that involve international concepts.

3. The younger generation appreciates team work.

Be an on-the-sport and inspiring leader

To the younger generation, it is immensely important to be able to connect and relate to leadership.

4. Seek out their solutions and embrace them.

5. Offer mentorship and personal enhancement opportunities.

6. Provide a lucid portrait of what is expected of them.

Recognize their effort quickly

7. Immediacy is immensely important when attempting to ensure that younger employees enjoy their work.

8. Make sure to acknowledge their success and wins on a regular basis.

9. Be spontaneous and authentic when recognizing, for example, during an informal meeting.

10. Offer them rewards that are meaningful such as a personalized gift, a team activity or a day off.

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