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Sales Incentive Programs

Among a myriad of employee recognition programs, sales incentives programs have been proven to motivate sales teams to excel.  


A Tool Designed to Reward Hard Work

A Sales Incentive Plan (SIP) is a business tool used to motivate and compensate a sales professional to meet goals or sales metrics over a specific period of time, usually broken into a plan for a fiscal quarter or fiscal year

SIPs are used to incentivise sales professionals where total dollars sold is not a precise measure of sales productivity. A SIP takes into account the complexity, length of the sales process or where a sale is completed, not by an individual but by a team of people- each contributing unique skills to the sales process.


A Tool Designed to Reward Hard Work

Rewarding your Sales Team in All Aspects that Matter

A SIP is very similar to a commission plan; however, a SIP can encompass sales metrics other than solely quantitative measures, such as the number or value of goods sold.

SIPs take into consideration sales metrics typically in the form of sales quotas, new business opportunities and/or management by objectives (MBOs) and independent action of the sales professional, normally used in conjunction with a base salary.


Rewarding your Employees in All Aspects that Matter

A Balanced Plan

SIPs encourage and compensate each member of the sales team as he/she contributes to the team's ability to sell. It is not uncommon for the members of such teams to be located in different physical locations, often working in different countries, and for product introduction to occur in one location and its purchase in another.

SIPs take everyone into consideration, no matter their location, keeping track of all their hard work and efforts.‚Äč

A Balanced Plan to Benefit Each One
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