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Employee Points Program

Points programs are an excellent method for
encouraging positive behaviors and rewarding specific results



The Power of a Points Program

A points program is an excellent method for encouraging positive behaviour or achieving improved performance and business outcomes. Points are allocated for meeting pre-defined goals or behaviours such as regular attendance and attaining sales or safety goals. Even health-oriented items like weight loss or eco-friendly commuting lend themselves well to a points program and can quickly engage staff members.

The Power of a Points Program

Employee Points Program

Points program are ideal for promoting a shift in company culture, addressing issues within an organization, or simply encouraging positive behaviour. At the heart of our successful points programs are the rewards. Without attractive and desirable rewards, your program simply falls short.

Our wide range of gifts ensures your points program is rewarding, fun and engaging.


Employee Points Program

Flexibility is the Key to a Great Program

Another great feature of our points programs is their flexibility. With budgets for recognition programs varying from business to business, it’s nice to know there are options that can be scaled to your needs. Not only can we customize a points program to fit your company’s budget, we can also customize it to be attractive to all employees. That means there is real payoff in each reward, making your recognition efforts a measurable success.

Access to an effective reporting system whenever you need it is a big factor. Our systems are easy to use and open to program administrators 24/7. That means you can do business at your convenience. You can run reports, check statistics and monitor usage and budgets. Our team would be happy to help you find the perfect points program for your business.


Flexibility is the Key to a Great Program
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