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The Power of Integration

With the ability to drive real-time recognition,
peer-to-peer programs pack a powerful punch.  

Their impact is instant (which people love) and their implementation is relatively easy.
And with the tech-savvy workplace growing, many people prefer this method.


See Results Instantly

Peer-to-Peer programs are powerful tools that offer tangible rewards, instant recognition and involve employees in the employee recognition process. Not only can they use multiple incentive tools, they also engage and motivate employees .

Peer-to-peer recognition promotes awareness of desired objectives and provides a way to recognize and reward those who meet those objectives.

We call our program Tag-a-Peer© and it is designed to give your employees a fun, easy and effective employee recognition experience they will appreciate.

See Results Instantly

Engaging Your Entire Workforce

Allowing all employees to participate in the employee recognition experience removes the onus on managers to be the only source of positive workplace feedback It engages employees by allowing them to recognize the workplace contributions of their peers.

Tag-a-Peer©  makes recognition simple. Its powerful Dashboard feature even allows you to track overall workplace satisfaction and generate detailed reports on employee behaviour.


Engaging Your Entire Workforce

Completely Adaptable and User Friendly System

Tag-a-Peer's© user-friendly dashboard allows you to generate detailed reports and perform statistical analysis of all employee recognition variables. Feedback from employees is accessible to administrators, giving access to valuable information on the program and about the workplace.

Tag-a-Peer© is hosted on secure dedicated Williams Recognition servers: Your vital information is never in the hands of a third party. You can reliably access your information at any time. Your entire team can access your program across multiple and varied devices.

Most importantly, if you choose, our program experts can provide all administration and program management.


Completely Adaptable and User Friendly System
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