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Corporate Jewellry and Insignia

Our customized corporate jewellry makes it easy to create an exciting and rewarding insignia program.


The Value of Customized Insignia Programs

Offering insignia rewards to your employees creates that sense of belonging and achievement as well as promotes your company; all valuable goals for any Canadian business.


The Value of Customized Insignia Programs

A Whole lot of Talk

Employee engagement, employee recognition…corporate culture. 

There’s a lot of talk lately on these “buzzwords;” but a simple underlying truth behind all the talk remains: create value by appreciation.

One method that works well and costs little is having custom corporate insignia made and distributed through an insignia program.


A Whole lot of Talk

The Best Insignia Manufacturing Company in Canada

Williams Recognition designs and manufactures high quality custom

From idea to artwork to final product, everything is done in our state-of-the-art facility in Canada.


The Best Insignia Manufacturing Company in Canada
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