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Someone who cuts a safety incentive program
to save money is like a person who stops
a clock to save time
Paraphrasing Henry Ford


Williams Recognition specializes in the implementation of custom recognition programs that meet your needs. For decades, we have been creating custom employee recognition programs that allow our clients to acknowledge and show their appreciation for their employees' contributions. Our goal is to tailor each employee recognition program to your exact requirements.

Williams Recognition offers a wide variety of awards, from traditional to modern. We also have a state of the art manufacturing facility where we manufacture unique fashion jewellry, corporate jewellry and commemorative insignia awards such as lapel pins, medals, championship rings and more. This allows our clients to offer highly personalized gifts and awards to their employees.

Williams Recognition offers a flexible administrative package that satisfies the needs of each client we serve. The administrative options best suited to your needs depends on the size of your company, number of employees and the level of involvement you want Williams Recognition to have in the administration of your program. Our administrative services include: program launch, training, reporting, RSVPs, surveys, employee solicitation and reminders.

Employees who feel that they are appreciated and valued will perform much better than those who do not. Motivating of employees is not always easy, and for some businesses, it is truly a challenge. Understanding what motivates each person is the first step in making even the most mundane of tasks worthwhile. Employee recognition does not have to be difficult!

Want hard working employees? Make sure they’re happy.
There is a growing dissatisfaction among employees that should worry companies. Not only do disengaged employees show a lack of loyalty, they are also associated with a decreased level of performance. The key to building and maintaining a talented workforce that constantly strives to meet or exceed goals is to keep them engaged.
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What do your Employees Really Want for Christmas?
You’ve probably given it a thought already, but for all of you who do their Christmas parties in January, after all the fuss is done, did you plan a gift for your employees? If you haven’t, maybe you should! Here are some tips from Williams Recognition, your custom recognition program provider.
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